Basset Hound University is designed to provide schools of learning in which courses of interest are available to owners, breeders and judges alike. 
BHU is dedicated to preserving our breed’s past legacies and future experiences by providing practical home-study education programs in all areas of interest to Basset Hound fanciers and in so doing, help carry forth the mission of the Basset Hound Club of America.

You are invited to explore each “school”, regardless of your experience.

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Schools for Basset Hound University

Voices of Experience Video Seminar Series

for Owners, Breeders & Judges

Tips and advice from experts in the Basset Hound breed, whose combined years of experience totals over 250 years!

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History & Design of Basset Hound University

Basset Hound University (BHU) is a practical education concept developed by the Basset Hound Club of America for its members. 

BHU was also designed to be used as a model for parent clubs of all breeds of dog. To learn more about the history and design of BHU,

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How Do the BHU Self Correcting Quizzes Work?

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