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405 Quiz True or False

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At all levels, the handler cannot touch the dog or make physical corrections.

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You need to achieve a qualifying score of 100 points.

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You need to achieve a qualifying score under 3 judges at  3 trials for titling at any level.

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The 3 titles earned in Rally are RN, RA and RE.

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In a "retry" the judge deducts 3 pts., as opposed to losing 10 pts. for an incorrect performance.

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There are 4 levels of classes offered by the AKC for obedience competition.

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When embarking on an obedience title for your Basset, it is highly advisable that you find a qualified trainer who uses positive training methods.

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In order to be awarded a Companion Dog title or "CD" a dog must earn more than 70% of the points allotted for each exercise.

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A perfect score is 200.

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The Open B class is for dogs that have won the CD or CDX titles.

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The Heeling pattern is done on lead, the figure 8 is not.

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Once “dropped” in the Drop on Recall, the dog remains down until called or signaled to come.

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For the Retrieve over the High Jump, the handler must stand a minimum of 8 feet from the jump.

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The Sit and Down exercise are the same length of time as in Novice, but are done out of sight.

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Your dog only has to correctly retrieve either one leather or one metal article to qualify.

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Heeling is the basis for the utility signal exercise.

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In the directed retrieve, you don’t need to face the glove the judge has indicated your dog to retrieve.

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In the moving stand, you must only give a hand signal for the return to heel portion of the exercise.

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The judge will instruct you to do either the bar or high jump first, then the other will follow.

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In the Accept a Friendly Stranger test for CGC, the dog must allow someone to approach and pet him.

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Points for an OTCH are accumulated by earning placements in Open B or Utility B.

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Graduate Novice has 3 “recall” type exercises.

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Versatility classes include exercises from the 3 regular titling classes.

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Veterans class is for handlers over 65 years of age.

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